Chinese Millionaires Spend Thousands to Satisfy Their Urge to Kill

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Chinese millionaires fork out thousands to satisfy their urge to kill

February 29 2012 – Libcom…

It seems the new parasitic class of Chinese millionaires are not content with merely making millions through exploiting the Chinese working class. Increasing numbers of them are now choosing to spend these millions to pay for the right to kill animals all over the world, spending up to 498,800 yuan (about £49,880) on a single hunting holiday. Both the business owners and top ranking government officials are reveling in this new opportunity to act like complete wankers.

A luxury polar bear hunting holiday in Canada for 14 days (which I’ve heard includes getting your own arse wiped for you) is the most expensive package hunting holiday available for this Chinese elite. But if you don’t fancy that cold weather you can always go to one of the many African, European or Oceanic retreats available through the same tour operator.

This is no ordinary hunting holiday company that provides these bloodthirsty adventures though, it is also an extremely stupid one that defines hunting as the “hunters and government cooperation in the protection of animals.”

I’m not a massive animal rights nut (although I’m not much of a meat eater), but I’m not a fan of hunting for a laugh. It seems that the rich from all corners of the globe love it though. Don’t they get enough pleasure out of making everyone else’s lives miserable? Do they really have to pay so much money to go and do this just so they can hang an animal’s head on their wall and gloat to their other rich chums about it? Fair enough if they fought without weapons, but we all know that the parasite class never play fair like that.

So they can afford to pay this £50,000 animal killing expedition but paying decent wages for their workers is out of the question. In a country (of 1,347,350,000 people) where 36% of people live off less than $2 a day ($730 a year) and almost 16% of people live on less than a measly $1.25 a day ($456.25 a year), they just simply can’t afford to take on more workers to reduce the grueling hours most Chinese workers have to work, or give them a wage that they can reasonably live on.

This is the same country that has one of the highest suicide rates in the world because life for workers and peasants can get so unbearable. The country where workers have no option but to fight back against the business elite and the corrupt government that protects them, contributing the 180,000 ‘mass incidents’ each year. Then there’s the well known human rights record of locking anyone up who they see as a dissenter for years, or simply make them ‘disappear’.

Love China, hate its parasites.