About the name “Mostly Water”

Water is what people have in common. No matter our caste, or political perspective, we all drink the water.

Humans are about 2/3 water living on a planet whose surface is also mostly water. We are completely dependent on it. Surrounded by it. Water reminds us daily of our relationship to our bodies and to the earth.

Water is a messenger and it’s message is one of solidarity, optimism and hope but also a warning to all that will listen.

It is powerful both as a sustaining and a destroying force.

It is the image of a glacier slowly wearing down the seemingly immovable mountains contrasted with the minute polarization of water molecules that enables them to draw others to the highest leaves of an 800 year old red cedar. It is the image of privatised bottled water contrasted with the community well succinctly exposing all that is wrong with the world.

Now, as clean water is becoming more rare, and as the polar caps continue to melt, dropping the places people once lived into the ocean, water, one of the simplest early indicators of ecological health is beginning the patient process of taking back the planet.

It will not be surprising if wars are fought over water in the near future. We already kill for oil. When the oil is gone, we may still be standing to fight for water until there is none left to drink or irrigate our crops.

Water the messenger has a specific story to tell. We have built this site in the hope that you will help us tell that story though sharing the experiences that affect us all and ideas that can help us understand our world and point to solutions to the situation we find ourselves in – a planet dying under the economics of greed.