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Keep the cells empty!

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Democracy Now! 2010-11-26 Friday

Democracy Now! Friday, November 26, 2010

Ce vendredi 26 novembre, la Journée mondiale sans achat (Buy Nothing Day) ou le Black Friday, à vous de choisir

Dessin d'un code-barre géant [des barres noires verticales utilisées comme code sur les produits commerciaux].</p />

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“On this stretch in jail

I write letters to allies

instead of media statements.

This is not a media stunt

it is me living my life.

Message is action.

We are building connections,

a community of resistance.

I am learning to build,

Thanksgiving: a time to think about gift economies?

If our current system fails us, we should have at least some idea regarding what options might be available that could perhaps be pieced together into a new system that works. As I looked at gift economies a bit, I realized our current system has a substantial element of gift economics in it.

Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners

By Sara Falconer – November 25, 2010

In many ways, the Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar is an attempt to reshape the dominant narrative of history…More than merely a calendar, it is a detailed resource, a constant reminder, and a true collaboration. Published by a collective based in Toronto and Montreal, the project was suggested by Black Panther Party (BPP) political prisoner Herman Bell, who helps shape it with political prisoners Robert Seth Hayes and David Gilbert.

Corporations See Long-Sought Goal in Sight: Major Pay Cuts

By Roger Bybee – Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The recession camouflages a far more insidious and long-lasting corporate strategy: Instead of temporary pay cuts to get through a few tough months, major corporations have something very, very different in mind…”The managers of some marquee companies are aiming to make this concession permanent. If they are successful, their contracts could become blueprints for other companies in other cities, extending a wage system that would be a startling retreat for labor.”

Pétitions sur les accidents et maladies du travail

Union des travailleurs et travailleuses accidenté-e-s de Montréal (UTTAM)

Pour mettre fin aux injustices les plus criantes que vivent les travailleuses e

The Stuggle Against Austerity

By Alex Balch – November 25, 2010

At the G20 Summit held this past June in Toronto, the heads of the world’s most advanced capitalist economies met with their counterparts from the IMF and World Bank to hammer out a savagely coordinated attack on the international working class…Effectively, this amounts to the largest transfer of wealth in modern history – and a particularly audacious act of class warfare, waged by the rich against the poor.

(en) Britain, Interview with an anarchist student occupier at Sheffield University

Mark is a third year Biology student studying at Sheffield University and a member of the
Anarchist Federation. He is one among many students currently occupying the HicksBuilding
on Sheffield University campus. The views expressed in the interview should be considered
his alone and not that of the occupation’s general assembly. —- Why are you occupying
the Hicks building today?

Neoliberalism and home care

By Scott Neigh

“If your Mom didn’t take care of you [when you were a child], would you be able to go to work?”

Those are the words of trade union activist, graduate student, and single mother Laurel O’Gorman. They are her way of neatly capturing the idea that without the massive amounts of unpaid work done in the home, primarily by women, capitalism would grind to a halt.

Crossing the Line: Customs Agents or Professional Bullies?

By Andre Guimond – November 24, 2010

This is the story of my unsettling experience crossing the line into Canada…and if you’re comfortable telling your own story, please do.

40 Days of Harassment: The Battle for Reproductive Rights in Canada

Participants of the 40 Days for Life campaign target abortion clinics as part of their pro-life messaging

By Mélanie Stafford
Pro-Choice Coalition of Ottawa/Coalition pro-choix d’Ottawa

Unions bring Portugal to a grinding halt as Irish-style bailout looms

<p>Trades unions brought parts of Portugal to a grinding halt as a general strike shut down most public transport in protest at cuts being introdu…

If the Airport is a Police State, What is the Ghetto?

<p>It is right to howl at the indignities inflicted on airline passengers &ndash; but hypocritical, if the howls come from folks who applaud or rem…

Scotand: The View from Garnet Hill – Student Walkout and Occupations

<p>Yesterday, November 24th, was a national day of action against cuts in the education sector and the massive rise in fees faced by students in En…