Worldwide Financial Scandal Resignations: Are the Rats Deserting the Sinking Ship?

The clip is from the remarkable film, City of Hope, written and directed by John Sayles.

City of Hope is like a wheel of torture, to which the characters are chained. It goes around and around, sometimes through fire, sometimes through ice, and there is no way for them to free themselves. The film takes place in a fictional big city in New Jersey, where everyone is connected, and where all the connections seem tainted by greed, graft, dishonesty and corruption.” –Roger Ebert, 1991

At the end of the film, in Shock Doctrine style, a few of the city leaders acknowledge that they’ve bilked the city and its citizens all they can and plot their escape like small time Hosni Mubaraks.

City of Hope is so relevant today that it is worth dusting off your old VHS to see it. Unfortunately it is not available on DVD.

In an interesting post yesterday, blogger Ishtar Babalu Dingir observed that high level bankers and government officials all over the world are resigning in what could be an indication that the rats are deserting the sinking ship. Are they taking their “fuck you” money and hightailing it to gold plated bunkers in Antarctica?

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